(Español) Un viaje entre texturas, aromas y ahumados





To make our chipotlera sauce, we brought organic chemical-free seeds from Mexico and we gave them to our friends Bea and Luis; who were in charge of planting them at “La huerta de la Retamilla” in Navas de Oro, near Segovia, Spain.

They nursed and harvested the red-ripe jalapeños, dried them and smoked them slowly. Afterwards, we all went to the cannery of Juan Arroyo in Quilós, León to cook the SALSA CHIPOTLERA.

We cooked at Juan’s kitchen; using wood of oak, which brings a very particular flavor to our sauce. In addition, Juan certified that all our ingredients came from organic farming and is one of the few organic kitchens that manufactures artisan quantities. For two days we were preparing this delicious sauce.

Ask for them in “SALÓN CASCABEL” or in the “MEZCAL LAB”.

Discover the uses of this sauce that goes well with almost everything !!