About us

Punto Mx is the first mexican restaurant awarded with a Michelin star.

Our offer is based on reinterpreting Mexican flavors. To achieve this, we mix modern and ancient techniques. The result: authentic flavors and a constantly evolving concept using only the best produce. At Punto MX, we serve tradition, haute cuisine from our organic garden, cultivated and intended to supply our pantry. We are the only Mexican restaurant in Spain preparing handmade organic corn tortillas using nixtamalization process to create the tortilla mass – a traditional way of creating the tortilla mass. In addition, we have the first MezcalLab in Spain, a space that has the largest selection of mezcal in Europe as well as signature cocktails using mezcal a typical mexican distilate.

Roberto Ruiz

His proposal is based on the synergies found to bind the roots of Mexican cuisine with cutting-edge cuisine and quality that Spanish produce offers.


Martin Eccius

The Mezcalier’s job is to find and select various mezcales with unique features based on it’s flavour and wild variety.Track and works alongside small farmers in Mexico to get bring a unique collection to Europe.


María Fernandez

Finds her inspiration in Mexico, her country, together with the sophistication and cosmopolitan exoticism to create a space such as Punto MX, a place to enjoy flavours with history from the absolute modernity. She is responsible for making Punto MX the only restaurant that offers European corn tortillas made by hand by nixtamalization.