After many attempts of trial and error to achieve an organic corn and of the highest quality (the Spanish and Mexican are oceans away in taste and properties), Punto MX creates its own tortilla mass, by hand, on a daily basis using the age old nixtamalización technique.
 The restaurant searches for prime produce, sacred to the Mexican culture, a basis for a flexible, wet mass and full of Mexico’s history, the base of tortillas, tamales, sopes and panuchos, among others, we bring to the table.


Ancient technique
First the corn is cooked in water with lime to remove the bran and enhance the corn’s nutritional qualities. It is then boiled, left to rest, washed, re-washed, separated from the husk then ground and then the dough is kneaded.

Feel the dough

At the point of moisture
The craftsmanship is truly the shaping of the dough, which is then pressed and grilled.The result is a moisy, soft, fluffy tortilla.

300-400 tortillas a day

In person and in front of the table
Punto MX is the only restaurant in Spain that makes handmade tortillas on a daily basis, following ancient tradition. Each day we make between 300 and 400 tortillas from the hand’s of a specialist. Each tortilla is handmade especially for each diner in front of their table.