An important pillar of PuntoMX is mezcal, the ancestral distillate of Mexico, a drink that spawned the American country that is steeped in culture and mystery. Part of the restaurant’s philosophy is based on supporting the handmade and independent working with small farm’s in Mexico who develop mezcal with techniques that are sustainable and have been used for millennia. Its base is the agave, a plant that is well looked after until it is mature enough to harvest, taking roughly between seven and thirty years. They are looked after by the maestro mezcaleros, a job that passed down from generation to generation with a strong connection to the land and taste, the palenques of Oaxaca.

The agave´s heart

Handmade process
When the agave is ready, the leaves are cut (pencas). Then the hearts (piñas) are placed in a furnace of earth covered by stones that retian the heat for several days. Once cooked, once the leaves are dried they are then ground with a mill: this is how we extract the essence of the maguey plant. From there, the liquor is stored in wooden vats and fermented until a unique flavor is achieved.

Our Mezcales

Our own label
Punto MX offers roughly thirty different mezcales with a diversity of wild and sustainable mezcal. All the mezcales we have on offer are handmade and of the highest quality. Each mezcal has the imprint of its own palenque and maestro mezcalero. They say that mezcal can cure the pains of the soul.

One of five

The jewels of the restaurant
Punto MX as a tribute to mezcal, offering a highly unique and curated collection: including the five best bottles of mezcal from Mexico. distillates matured for three decades using the best quality maguey in Mexico.The bottle is a work of art in itself: they are hand-decorated with beads of thousands of different colours.The resulting patterns represent the creation of indigenous Huichol people.To taste is to taste the best of Mexico.