Punto MX grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables, The orchard is looked after by Alonso and Luis Garcia Lopez and is based in Navas de Oro, Segovia.This is where we plant and grow the seed’s that are imported from america, to achieve a unique taste from the other side of the Atlantic in the form of a variety of tomatoes, corn, herbs, chilies and various other ingredient’s that achieve a truly unique flavor achieving the true taste of Mexico.At Punto MX, exquisite craftsmanship and care of the ingredients that end up on the final plate is a symbol of the house, a way of understanding a kitchen that only offer’s quality and authenticity.


Beyond the red, round and classic
America, there are many varieties of this fruit. Hence It is essential to the simplicity and success of the kitchen to be able to count on green tomatoes -fundamental for many sauces- or the miltomate, which is grown in fields amongst a mixture of beans, corn and pumpkin.


Surround me in chilli
There isn’t just one type of chilli there are thousands: red, green, yellow, orange; spicy, very spicy, sweet…Punto MX uses habanero, serrano, jalapeno, Chiplotle to enhance every dish with authentic Mexican flavor.


Scents of the earth
Epazote, purslane, huazontle and bay leaves are some of the herbs grown in the Punto MX orchard. Full of flavour and as unique as they sound. Its proper use represent a journey to ancestral Mexico.