Year 5


New tasting menu designed by Chef Roberto Ruiz.

Mexican restaurant with a Michelin Star



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The essence does not change, the experience changes.

In the words of the chef himself, Roberto Ruiz: “Change is a natural evolution. Over the last five years, we have transferred the purest taste of Mexico into our cooking, today in this natural evolution.”

The legacy. Mezcal Lab.

We want our customers to continue to enjoy the Punto Mx experience; the taste of Mexico in its most authentic form.

Mezcal Lab, a unique concept, a gastronomic space with the most representative dishes of these last five years.


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Punto MX. Michelin Star.

Punto MX, the first Mexican restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star and the first to receive two Soles (Suns) from the Spanish Repsol Guide.

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